The Urinals of Amsterdam Airport Schiphol

Schiphol (AMS) is the primary passenger airport in Holland.

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This fixture from Amsterdam Airport Schiphol depicts a "fly target" embossed on the porcelain. The trend to add flies and other targets was pioneered and continues to be advanced by European airport facilities.

The "fly" can be seen in detail. These first two pictures were sent in by RF in 2002.

These two last images depict an installation that features a lovely panorama of Amsterdam

These last two photos were taken in by AK in 2005.

This photo was sent in by JH in 2008. He writes: "I know you already have some from Schiphol Airport in Amsterdam with the infamous fly - just sending these since they're of a different installation..."

This final photo was sent in by AB in 2011. He writes: "I was [at Schiphol Airport] for a 2 hour stop over and was overwhelmed by the number of male restrooms... there must literally be hundreds of urinals in this airport!"