The Urinals of Bodie State Historical Park

The gold-rush era ghost town of Bodie, CA has been designated as a State Historical Park.

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This picture was submitted by XBOG in 2001. He writes: "Bodie was a famous old rough-and-tough mining town which had a population of 10,000 at its peak in 1879. It died-out around the late 1920's. The current remains were made into a state park in 1962. Whilst I did not have any expectations to find urinals in an old west ghost-town, I nevertheless stuck my head into one of the decaying outhouses. To my amazement, in one of the larger outhouses (a "three-seater"), I found a broken urinal tucked away in the corner. Quite a mystery. There was obviously a urinal connoisseur in the Old West. Perhaps it was some "city-dweller" who wanted to "civilize" the facilities a bit. We may never know the answer. This was a great surprise - I felt like an archaeologist making a great discovery during an important dig."

This next photo was sent in by RW in 2010. He notes: "I coudn't see any obvious identifying marks (model, manufacturer etc) on the urinal which might be used to date the fixture"