The Urinals of Cairngorm Funicular

The Cairngorm Funicular is Britain's highest mountain railway. It is located in the Caringorm mountains in Aviemore, Scotland.

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These pictures were sent in by PH. He writes: "Aviemore is a tourist town situated in the Cairngorm mountains region of Scotland, UK. The area is famous for skiing in the winter and there is a funicular railway which takes skiers and others to a services building 200m below the summit of Cairngorm mountain. There is a restaurant and shop and other services at the car park level and also at the top of the mountain railway. These urinals are located at the restaurant at the bottom of the mountain. Identical ones are to be found in the services building at the top of the railway."

The bottom two photos were taken "in the basement of the separate funicular railway building at the foot of Cairngorm mountain".