The Urinals of CN Tower

Canadian National Tower, billed as "Canada's Wonder of the World" is currently the World's tallest building. It is located right on Lake Ontario in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

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This picture was sent in by JK. He writes: "These two fixtures can be found on the CN Tower.s Indoor Observation Deck ata height of 346 meters or 1,136 feet. Unfortunately, one cannot enjoy thisCanadian experience on the highest level accessible to visitors: the Sky Podat a staggering height of 447 meters or 1,465 feet. May CN make our sanitarydreams come true in the future.

"The Canada National Tower can be found in downtown Toronto (Ontario,Canada), next to Lake Ontario. This national landmark and feat of Canadianengineering has been the tallest freestanding structure in the world since1976, measuring 553 meters or 1,815 feet. Many critics consider it not abuilding but a tower since it does not have occupied functional floors fromtop to bottom, and argue that Taipei 101 (Taiwan, completed in 2004) istoday.s tallest building in the world. The CN Tower features the Glass Floorat a height of 342 meters or 1,122 feet, and the Indoor Observation Deck at346 meters or 1,136 feet. Further up, one encounters the Sky Pod; theWorld.s Highest Public Observation Deck at 447 meters or 1,465 feet".