The Urinals of Daddy D's Rocket Diner

Daddy D's Rocket Diner is a diner and truck stop located in Amargosa Valley, NV.

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This is how Daddy D's describes itself on its Facebook page: "Dennis Hof's Area 51 Travel Center/Daddy D's Rocket Diner is a store, gas station, Diner, and bar. It also has a truck stop. In a separate building there is a brothel, Dennis Hof's Alien Cathouse. The brothel features a bar, pool table, and lounge area where you can enjoy the good company of the ladies. We are located at the intersection of NV 373 and HWY 95. The store is open 24hrs and the restaurant/bar is open 7 AM-10 PM daily. We have truck parking to the east of the building."

Submitted by JT