The Urinals of Ghillie Dhu

"Ghillie Dhu is a traditional Scottish pub and entertainment venue in the centre of Edinburgh", Scotland, U.K.

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The first four pictures were sent in by PH in 2010. He writes: "[Ghillie Dhu is known for] serving “the finest of local produce, ales and premium spirits as well as showcasing the best local, national and International acts”. One of its lesser known features is to be found in the basement toilets where there is a range of five trendy galvanised steel bucket urinals. The design company who make these is based in Nottingham, England and describes their various products as “ creative architectural ironmongery”. Investigations have revealed that there seems to be a growth in a variety of trendy urinal fixtures to be found these days."

"One of these buckets is in an alcove on its own facing sideways and is either for boys or for the pee-shy." A plaque posted above this urinal states "I want to pee alone".

This last photo was sent in by PH in 2011. He writes: "Some time ago I sent some photos of the unusual bucket urinals to be found in the Ghillie Dhu pub, Edinburgh, Scotland. I recently visited the pub again and I discovered that the bucket urinals have been slightly altered, in that a circular strainer has been fitted to each bucket presumbably to prevent chewing gum and other objects from causing a blockage and to facilitate cleaning. You might like to include "before and after" photos."