The Urinals of Holy Virgin Mary Cathedral

The Holy Virgin Mary Cathedral is a Russian Orthodox church located in Los Angeles, CA

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According to the Cathedral's website: "Our Church building, or Temple, is, with the exception of not having a separate porch or narthex, constructed and furnished according to Orthodox monumental Tradition; accordingly, there are only a few chairs, for the infirm in body and/or spirit, but not for the young and healthy. Unusual behavior is discouraged, since this distracts the Faithful from worship and glorification of God (our purpose in being in Church to begin with!). Distracting clothing, standing with hands in pockets, conversing, excessive and flamboyant bows, as likewise careless and hurried signs of the Cross-are such distracting and unusual behavior. We dispense candles and prosphora (offering breads) for the Faithful, but our Candlestand, where these are dispensed for a nominal fee, is not a place to change large bills."

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