The Urinals of Mount Hood Railroad

This facility serves the Hood River, OR terminus of the Mount Hood Railroad.

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"The Mount Hood Railroad (AAR reporting marks MHRR) is a heritage railroad and Class III freight railroad located in Hood River, Oregon, 60 miles east of Portland, Oregon, United States.

"The majority of the railroad's revenue is generated from passenger excursions although a few small freight shippers remain that generate several carloads of traffic per week.

"The northern terminus of the Mount Hood Railroad is at Hood River, Oregon, where the line interchanges with the Union Pacific Railroad. The line starts out parallel to the Hood River for the first three miles until it reaches a switchback. A switchback used to be common, but this is now only one of five remaining railroad switchbacks in use in the United States. After the trains reverse direction at the switchback, the line continues south through the communities of Pine Grove, Odell, and Dee before reaching the southern end of the line at Parkdale. The total length of the line is just over 21 miles."

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