The Urinals of Hop Bunz

Hop Bunz is a brewpub located in the Brookside neighborhood of Tulsa, OK.

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This photo was submitted by KA. He writes: "These are the urinals of Hop Bunz in Tulsa, OK. It's located on South Peoria in the neighborhood known as "Brookside." It serves gourmet burgers and microbrews and is owned by the owners of other local chains, including Los Cabos Mexican Restaurant. The burgers are awesome, and the Oklahoma beers it carries proves Oklahoma did the right thing in getting rid of the 3.2 mandate for all Brewers in '04 and that it should do the same this year for brewpubs and retailers. More importantly, Hop Bunz, however, is that Hop Bunz should be proud of its clean and environmentally friendly urinals!"