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Viewrinal is one of the World's best urinals

It's official: the Viewrinal, one of the UK's most innovative advertising mediums, is considered one of the most aesthetically pleasing urinals in existence, proven by its place on the world's top ten urinals list. The authoritative list can be found on, the leading gallery of urinal photos and directory of online urinal-related resources on the internet today.

Viewrinals are produced by specialist washroom media company, Captive View, and are currently installed in trendy bars and clubs. Since their inception in the market, they have been literally flushed with success having attracted advertisers such as Nintendo, 20th Century Fox and Batchelors Supernoodles, and have formed part of inventive campaigns which are far from bog standard.

Ronnie Rees, Managing Director of Captive View, comments, "A large targeted captive audience is considered the holy grail for advertisers and this is absolutely what the Viewrinals offer. They have the ability to directly reach the elusive 18-35 year old market in their 'natural' habitat - bars & clubs.

"Viewrinals offer an entertaining diversion for the tedious but necessary trips to the loo. They allow delivery of messages and advertisements during what can only be described as customer deadtime, once they've finished in the washroom they go back to their night out. We only install Viewrinals in bars and clubs if we feel they'll add value to the venue and their customers. Value added peeing if you like."

Joe U. Rinator, the charismatic founder of Urinal Dot Net, adds, "Urinal Dot Net exhibits over 500 urinals from 30 different countries spread across all of the continents (except Antarctica). The Viewrinals are one of the most fascinating fixtures we have seen to date, and we are very excited to add them to our collection. We feel that the uniqueness of their design has definitely earned these high-tech urinals a spot on our coveted Top Ten Urinals list, which features the most fascinating fixtures in our collection. The Viewrinals are definitely an integral part of what makes Urinal Dot Net "The Best Place to Piss Away your Time on the Internet."

It seems the UK excels in the urinals arena as the Public Rest Rooms of Rothesay on the Isle of Bute, which have been visited by Prince Charles, and the urinals from the ill-fated Millennium Dome have also made it onto the list.

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Captive View are a digital display media company. Currently there are two products, Viewloos and Viewrinals, enabling direct communication with highly targeted captive audiences. The moving image is enhanced by quality audio. Both Viewrinals and Viewloos are made from vandal resistant materials that conform to the highest hygiene standards. Captive View's media is powered by Digital View's robust and reliable solid state technology.

Digital View is a technology and media company which builds customised flatscreens for use in public venues, retail stores, games applications and public information facilities. It also provides media content for these screens through its Remote Media Networks subsidiary. This allows brands, retail owners and advertisers the ability to run digital video, web data and interactive promotional messages on its screens.

Digital View has been established in the UK since 1996, having been founded in Hong Kong five years earlier. It pioneered some of the first LCD monitors on the market. These have been adapted for use in several situations where flat screen monitors can be used to display and sell a variety of products from cigarette vending machines to "virtual makeover" screens on beauty counters.

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