The Urinals of La Kiva Restaurant and Bar

La Kiva Restaurant and Bar is located at the Big Bend Travel Park off of Highway 170 in Terlingua Creek, TX

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These pictures were sent in by DH. He writes: "I first saw this urnial in 1987 on a road trip to Big Bend [National] Park. At that time digital pictures where not [common]. I went on a road trip in 2001 and purpusaly took my camera into the bathroom. In 2001 the resterant was call The Cave but now it is called La Kiva"

These next two photos were taken by a member of Urinal Dot Net staff in 2009. The photo immediately above captures the dimly lit setting of this cavernous men's room. The photo below depicts the internals of this installation.

A lengthy article about the original owner of the restaurant (now passed away) details how he re-purposed the giant cast iron pot for use as a urinal because "I don't even have a pot to piss in" was known to be his favorite saying.