The Public Urinals of Melbourne, Australia

These fixtures were submitted by KW.

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"Britain and France used to have lots of these cast iron 'pissoirs', but they are virtually extinct in [those] countries. Melbourne probably imported these from Britain in the same era, and still maintains them. [This installation] is at the intersection of Flinders Street and Batman Avenue (yes!)..."

"...typically [it has] had the fittings replaced with a stainless steel urinal."

"The older earthenware fixtures are in a similar structure opposite the Princess Theatre on Spring Street."

These two photos are"of the pissoir on Queensberry Street at the intersection with Swanston Street".

"[This photo] is of the notice posted inside an identical one on Latrobe Street at Russell Street".

This picture of an indoor installation was sent in by SM in 2008. He notes that it's located at the intersection of Elizabeth and Bourke streets.