The Urinals of Q F Tavern

Q F Tavern is a bar "located on Queen Street in the heart of downtown Auckland, New Zealand".

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This picture was sent in by KH in 2006. KH is the proprietor of QF Tavern. He writes: "The QF Tavern is quite different from what it was and your photo is well out of date" KH is referring to the picture you may see below, which was sent in to Urinal Dot Net in 2002. KH would also like to note that the QF Tavern is "Great Times in the Heart of Auckland".

This older photo was sent in to us by eastbayray. He wrote: "The Q F serves up delicious local brews such as Lion's Red, Monteith's and Speight's (the Pride of the South), and the patrons tend to be quite enthusiastic about rugby. The men's room is a bit cramped, hence the t.v. Batman angle, in an attempt to get the whole fixture in the frame."