The Urinals of Leonardo da Vinci-Fiumicino Airport

Leonardo da Vinci-Fiumicino Airport (FCO) is an international airport serving the Italian capital of Rome. It is located in Fiumicino, Italy.

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"Leonardo da Vinci-Fiumicino Airport, also commonly known as Fiumicino Airport, is Italy's largest airport with 36.3 million passengers served in 2010, located in Fiumicino, 35 km from Rome's historic city centre. The airport serves as a hub for Alitalia and based on total passenger numbers it was the sixth busiest airport in Europe, and the world's 29th busiest airport in 2011. The airport is named after Italian polymath Leonardo da Vinci..."

These photos were sent in by PH. He writes: "Here are 2 photos of the urinals in one of the public toilets in busy Rome Fiumicino airport. They can be found in the Departure lounge area. "