The Urinals of SIU College of Applied Science & Arts

SIU College of Applied Science & Arts is located in Carterville, IL.

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"The following [four] photos come from the SIU College of Applied Sciences and Arts in Carterville, Illinois. The College of Applied Sciences and Arts, or CASA for short, is a small satellite campus located about 10 miles from SIU. Student access is provided via the Saluki Express bus line that also goes to John A. Logan College. Many other programs were once located here before being moved to the main campus. Why this part of SIU is almost two towns over instead of on the main campus or in Carbondale's vicinity is anyone's guess. This [first] photo is from the Automotive Technology Student center. It is the third of four large buildings in front of the area and where engineering classes and small maintenance projects are held."

"This photo comes from the Automotive Shops building. It is the second of the four large buildings in front of the area and where many test cars for performing mechanical repairs are located. Note that in this restroom, the window in front of the urinals that illuminates the restroom is not of frosted or hammered glass, but clear glass overlooking a main parking lot. It doesn't seem to matter as this campus appears to be clearly dominated by men."

"This photo is from the Coal Technology Laboratory. This building located far back from the road has many testing procedures for Illinois coal performed within. A smaller room in this building has what appears to be a virtual mining program."

"This photo comes from the Illinois Coal Development Park. This building houses the offices of the professors and staff who work at this small satellite campus as well as computer labs and teaching rooms."

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