The Urinals of Starbucks Coffee

Starbucks has millions of stores around the world, which translates into millions of urinals. Starbucks is headquartered in Seattle, WA.

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This urinal can be found in the Starbucks on Dublin St in Dublin, CA.

This fixture is found in a store in Texas. It came with the following plea from the photographer, CM: "I have taken on a personal mission, a quest if you will, to determine if all Starbucks have the same type of urinal. This particular one is located in North Austin, Texas. I'd encourage other faithful viewers of this site to submit their local versions... Or maybe I just need to get a life. ;-)"

CM, unfortunately these two fixtures appear to be different. They also feature different Sloan flush valve handles. Additional submissions from Stabucks stores around the World are definitely encouraged, however.