The Urinals of Tiefbunker Steintorwall

Tiefbunker Steintorwall, or the Steintorwall underground atomic bunker, started its life as a Nazi bomb shelter located under Hamburg, Germany's main train station.

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"The Steintorwall underground atomic bunker, located under the main trainstation in Hamburg, has been built during WWII. In its 150 rooms and 2700m² on 3 levels, about 2500 people could originally shelter. During the cold war in the late sixties, the bunker has been transformed into a nuclear bomb shelter, with new doors, an air renewal system with filters, and a generating set. Then 2700 people could shelter for two weeks in autonomy, sitting 16h, laying 8h per day, and drinking soup. In case of electricity breakdown, some fluorescent paint on the walls is there to guide people in the darkness. After September 11, the full system has been checked, and the engine oil changed. Guided tours through this huge hidden facility are offered by the Hamburger Unterwelten association."

These pictures were sent in by Amani. This text printed on the urinal fixture says "Urinal-Stall. Please keep it clean. No water flushing"