The Urinals of Technology Center of DuPage

Technology Center of DuPage is a school located in Addison, IL.

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CTTF sent in this photo, along with this caption that sounds like it was copied from Wikipedia: " Formerly called Davea until 2000, the Technology Center of DuPage, or TCD for short is a college prep trade school featuring classes in a variety of fields that DuPage county high school students can participate in to earn college credit. The mission statement for this association is "Technology Center of DuPage will provide an educational environment that supports and encourages individual learning styles, develops occupational skills, fosters professionalism, promotes academic growth, and assists students in discovering their potential. This mission includes ongoing professional development to maintain a skilled staff that effectively delivers high-quality, individually guided learning experiences." This facility also contains the Addison branch for the College of DuPage as well and specializes in cosmetology and truck driving schools."