The Urinals of Thumrait Air Base

Thumrait Air Base is a U.S. Military installation located in the town of Thumrait, Oman.

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These pictures were sent in by DH. He writes: " These are the standard latrines for the U.S. military tent cities. After a couple of months of use by 1000+ guys, they get pretty nasty. In the first picture, you can see the urinal mounted on the end of the "throne podium," the structure on which several toilets are mounted and which collects the waste. It gets cleaned out by a couple of guys and a big vacuum truck."

" The second photo shows the urinal in the center, and the toilets on the left. You sit close enough to your neighbor that you can share the same newspaper. During the Gulf War in 1990-91, they didn't put curtains on the stalls! 'Hi, Joe!' 'Mornin', Fred.'"