The Urinals of Tuisi Yuan Gardens

Tuisi Yuan Gardens are designated a Small World Hertiage Site. They're located about two hours outside of Shanghai in the town of Tong-li, China, in the Jiang Su provnince.

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"[These gardens were] constructed in the period of Guang Xu,Qing Dynasty.The owner of the garden was dismissed from office and returned to his native town.According to the doctrine of Chinese classic"Zuo Zhuan""Loyal to the king when one is at office;Review past error when one retreat".The owner took the meaning from this doctrine and gave the name to the garden.The garden adopted the constructed design--four sections of residence,inner chamber,court-yard,and garden with the plot of coordinated parallel and owing to ground base to be narrow in length in the east-west part--making a character of an obvious difference from residence and garden,but in close connection with each other.The constructions in the whole garden are in harmony with the garden's name showing the feature of simplicity without luxury and elegance.It charms for an unique style".

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