The Urinals of NAS Whidbey Island

NAS Whidbey Island is located on Whidbey Island, near the town of Oak Harbor, in Washington's Puget Sound.

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This regal installation was submitted by DK, who adds: "Whidbey Island... is the largest island in the continental United States. Naval Air Station Whidbey Island is located at the northern end of the island. The entire U.S. fleet of electronic warfare EA-6B jamming aircraft is based at NAS Whidbey Island. It is also the home of squadron VQ-1, the World Watchers, whose sophisticated EP-3 craft was forced to land on Hainan Island, China in 2001.

This image was taken at Cliffside Park, a recreational area overlooking Puget Sound. The two fixtures, replacement and original, illustrate American Standard design changes over the years. The facility is surprisingly decorated for a Navy head out in the woods."