The Urinals of The Wittenburg

The Wittenburg ('White Castle') is an upscale restaurant / hotel in Wassenaar, Netherlands.

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This picture was submitted by an independent contributor. He writes: "The village of Wassenaar is home to most of the diplomats that work in the adjoining city of The Hague, which is the formal capitol of The Netherlands. As such, most of the local restaurants are expensive, and The Wittenburg is no exception. It is located in a huge 19th century mansion that looks like a castle, hence the name. The upper floors of this fascinating building are taken up by 10 spacious hotel suites, while an upscale restaurant is located on the ground floor . These urinals are located close to the entrance to this restaurant, and they keep the same simple but luxurious style as the rest of the establishment. Soft classical music is played over discretely hidden loudspeakers and for maximum hygiene and comfort all urinals as well as the water faucets are motion-activated. If that is not enough, nicely perfumed cotton towels are provided..."